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New York Office

Driving Business Forward

Agility Recruiting is a woman-owned boutique staffing and consulting gem, locally run right here in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area. Founded during the pandemic, one of the most challenging and chaotic hiring markets in history, Agility has proven its resilience and expertise from day one!

Our dynamic founders have successfully served Northern California for years, representing the top talent for contract and direct-hire roles across accounting, finance, human resources, office administration, and marketing/creative fields. We may be small, but we're a mighty force – making your company's hiring needs our top priority.

In today's unprecedented employment landscape, companies face unique obstacles in locating and hiring qualified professionals. But have no fear – Agility Recruiting wields its extensive network and resources to solve these hiring puzzles! With a combined 28 years of recruitment and staffing mastery, we're not just full-spectrum staffing specialists; we're also an invaluable resource for hiring market intelligence and salary benchmarking.

Ready to embrace a hiring partner who'll go the extra mile? Give Agility Recruiting a call today – we're ready to lend a hand with any workplace need!

Meet Our Team

Tristan deTimofeev

Head of Client Services

Tristan believed that staffing firms needed to remain attentive and flexible to the Bay Area hiring market, and that's why she came to Agility Recruiting. 


A passion for staying up to date with hiring trends and cultivating long-term business relationships was forged while she worked for international and hyperlocal staffing firms. A Bay Area native, she loves understanding what makes workplaces and teams thrive. Tristan has a constant focus on moving things forward, and she's always available to provide intel about the state of the job market and salary intel, whether or not you need her help hiring. 

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