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Staffing Solutions

Find Your Next Rockstar Employee!

Agility Recruiting provides full service staffing and recruiting services to every industry except the biotech, life sciences, and pharmaceutical industries in Northern California. We cover the entire San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Sacramento and the San Joaquin Valley. We have an extensive network of talent, who is available for on-site or remote work. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your unique hiring needs, and a our ability to adapt to the changes in the employment market.  


Done Deal

Looking to Hire Permanent Staff?

We will help you find the best talent in the market that matches your technical requirements, as well as your unique culture. 

Informative Interview

Looking for a Contractor?

Whether you need someone tomorrow for a week long project, or you need several people for any amount of time, we can use our extensive talent network to help. Whether your temporary opening is remote or on-site, we act quickly to find the talent you need. 


Need Market Trends?

Whether you need salary benchmarking for planning and budgeting, or you are curious about the overall employment market, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay current and adapt to current trends. That's the Agility way! 

Employers: Employers

Our Process 


Our staff works by utilizing our strong networks, to find amazing candidates that match your needs. We ask targeted questions to understand the right fit for our candidates.  

Our thorough screening process includes skills assessments, and reference checks, to ensure the candidates we send to you are the very best! 

Learn your needs 

The Agility team will meet with you to learn your business and culture, inside and out. We want to get to know your company; and what makes a candidate a great match for you. We understand it's important to find employees who have the right experience, skillset, and approach to be successful in your specific environment.


We match you with a candidate that has the exact experience you are looking for. we evaluate their soft skills that turn a good candidate into a great one. We only present the top candidates for you to consider. 

We use proven patterned-interviewing techniques to make sure the candidates we present have a proven track record and are poised for success in your environment.


Once a candidate is selected for the role through the interview process, we’ll continue to our verification process. This may include reference checks, background checks, I-9 verifications, and additional screening as required.

We take care of the administrative processes involved in hiring to make your job easier. From negotiating salaries to onboarding and I-9 verifications, our teams make sure your team is set.


Once your new employee is on board, we’ll continue to check in and offer support to you, your team however we can. We value personal relationships and look forward to continuing to work together!

Staffing Services for San Francisco Industries

We've cultivated a vast network of professionals and focus on specialized placement. Here are a few of the roles we commonly place: 

Accounting and Finance 

  • Accounts Payable 

  • Accounts Receivable 

  • Payroll 

  • Bookkeeper 

  • Financial Analyst 

  • Staff Accountant

Team Meeting

Human Resources and Administrative 

  • HR Manager 

  • Talent Acquisition 

  • Compensation/Commissions 

  • Benefits Administration 

  • Administrative Assistant 

  • Reception 

  • Customer Service 

Business Meeting

Marketing and Creative 

  • Graphic Design 

  • Marketing Communications 

  • Copywriter 

  • UI/UX 

  • Events 

  • Copywriter 

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